Advanced Vegetation Shader

Windy vegetation shader with character interaction for HDRP, URP, and Built-In RP! Description This foliage shader package is designed to help you achieve immersive vegetation for your games. Simple, user-friendly setup. Lightweight. Scriptable. Enjoy smooth and customizable wind effects, which work perfectly with unity’s latest physically based rendering features. Added support for character interactions! Note:…

Texture Map Uniter

Easily combine textures and switch around channels of existing maps! Description Upgrading your workflow over to HDRP or maybe you have some awesome custom shaders that take in specific maps? Combine different textures/images into a single map, resize existing maps or switch around channels – this tool has you covered!

IK Plus

IK Plus is an easy to use, yet advanced modular IK system that allows you to create realistic character movements with very little effort. It enables you to make your characters interact with the environment in more believable ways.

Easy Roads Mesh Gen

Create roads and rivers without the need of 3D modeling software! Easy Roads Mesh Gen allows for very fast and easy creation of roads and rivers inside Unity. It has easy to use, simple and organized interface which improves the workflow. Just drag the navigation points where you want them and the tool will do…