EtherCubs – Web3 For Unity

EtherCubs is a web3 framework, building on top of Nethereum for the Unity game engine.

This package allows easy communication with the decentralized Web3 space, where user data is hosted on the blockchain. It will also come with game-ready dapps, like the Web3 Game Server Browser and the planned Web3 Workshop, along with variety of tools for managing connection to your web-api nodes, code generation and more.

So why would you need EtherCubs in your project, why is it relevant?

Data on the blockchain is immune to a lot of the problems that conventional servers have. It is public, easily verifiable and secure. If you are building a community-driven environment for your game, such as building your multiplayer model on dedicated community game-servers, chances are you need to worry about future-proofing the architecture around it. Say, if your self-hosted “master” server goes dark, players lose access and your entire community goes down with it. Same point goes for modding workshops and other web-based features.

Another driving factor is not needing maintenance. Contrary to conventional servers you don’t need to worry about backups, rollbacks, cost and load. All that is handled on the blockchain.

If that gets you excited, you can sign up now to get notified about the development and release!

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